Girls Junior Varsity Softball, Girls Varsity Softball · SOFTBALL CONDITIONING STARTS DEC. 7, 2020

Softball Conditioning

Starts Dec. 7, 2020

When: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3:45-4:45

  • Rides to need be ready for pick-up promptly at 4:45

Where: Meet at softball locker room

What to Have:

  • Physical – Must have a physical to participate!!!
  • Athletic Clothing
  • Tennis Shoes – do not need cleats yet
  • Be prepared for cold weather! (On cold days you need long pants and sleeves to help keep muscles from getting tight)

Off-Season workouts are where we work to prepare for the season to come. They will make you faster, stronger, and more mentally prepared. Off-season work will make you an overall better athlete and improve your performance in the upcoming season. Working in the off-season proves that you are dedicated and determined to become the best player you can!

*** Although off-season workouts cannot be mandatory everything will be recorded and off season dedication will play a factor in tryouts **